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​Our purpose is to raise up a generation ​that will show the world

that Jesus is alive through​ the love of the Father,​ Godly character

and the power of the Holy Spirit.   ​​


This church is full of believers whose heart is to seek and save the lost​,

who see in others what they can't see in themselves, who find treasure in the broken,

and who look at people through the eyes of Jesus. 


We are a body of believers who take what the world calls insignificant and makes it significant

by the grace of God. We are willing to do whatever it takes to reach the ones God has called us to.  ​


Our vision is His vision. Our pursuit is His heart!

To fulfill the great commission.

To build His kingdom.

our pastors:
Alex & Lauren Burgos
Josh Lugo

Associate / Worship Pastor

Statement of Faith and Ministerial covering

Revival Ministries International is the ministry where our senior pastors attended Bible College.

They served RMI and affiliate ministry Alive2Love since 2003 and were later ordained by RMI before launching into full time ministry. Click below to view the website of our Ministerial Covering and our Statement of Faith.

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